SCGIS Organizational ArcGIS Online Accounts

All active SCGIS members are entitled to a free organizational ArcGIS Online account (Creator level), a $500 value. Organizational accounts provide access to a variety of advanced features not available for users of free accounts. These include the ability to:

  • Create and join groups within the SCGIS organization
  • Share content with the SCGIS organization and with groups in this organization
  • Publish hosted feature layers, tile layers, and scene layers*
  • Geocode addresses*
  • Use Spatial Analysis, Network Analysis, and Elevation Analysis tools online*
  • Use GeoEnrichment and access premium demographic map layers*
  • Get access to Esri Living Atlas Subscriber and Premium content
  • Use additional online products including Web AppBuilder, Insights for ArcGIS Online, and Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

* Uses credits: each SCGIS member is provided with 100 credits per year. (Please see additional information on credit usage, and the ArcGIS Online FAQ for further information.)

Note that the capabilities described above are only available for active SCGIS members; accounts will be temporarily disabled if membership is not renewed.

To request your organizational ArcGIS Online account, please enter your name and email address here. To reactivate your account, or if you have any questions, you can email