2019 SCGIS 22nd Annual Conference

Jul 15, 2019 to Jul 17, 2019, Asilomar Conference Center, Monterey CA

Pre-Conference workshops: Sunday July 14, 2019



Asilomar Conference Center

Use this link to book your room at ASILOMAR!

* Do not register with Asilomar directly; we have a block of rooms reserved. If you register directly with Asilomar, your reservation will not count toward our reserved block and we will be charged for all rooms that we do not fill. 

* When you are redirected to the Asilomar site, you should see "Welcome to the Society for Conservation GIS at Asilomar' at the top of the page.

Room and board are managed by Asilomar separately from SCGIS. All prices include meals and a $20 processing fee charged by Asilomar.

To specify dietary restrictions, please reach out to Asilomar directly.

There are often questions about paying for lodging and meals separately, but this option is not available - they are bundled as a package by Asilomar. And remember, shared meals are one of the highlights of the conference and provide a great opportunity to share stories and network with your colleagues.

Please direct any questions or issues regarding meals or housing to Asilomar - (831) 372-8016  - Asilomar Conference Center 

If funds are an issue, we recommend that you bunk with a buddy in order to get the double rate. If you don’t have anyone to room with, indicate on the hotel registration form that you would like to be assigned a same-gender roommate by the hotel.

For questions on alternate lodging options, please email us. If you stay elsewhere but would like to eat meals with the rest of the group, meal tickets must be purchased  at the front desk. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all variably priced from $15 - $30. You can buy each meal separately if you wish.