2019 SCGIS 22nd Annual Conference

Jul 15, 2019 to Jul 17, 2019, Asilomar Conference Center, Monterey CA

Pre-Conference workshops: Sunday July 14, 2019


If you have any questions about the conference not covered in the FAQ below, please email us and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I register as student if my SCGIS membership is not a student membership?

You may pay the student rate for the conference.  Unfortunately, the web registration page is not set up for you to do this simply.

Please proceed to register—clicking through as much of the conference registration process on our website as possible, but do NOT pay.  Next, please drop an email to conference@scgis.org to let us know you have done this.  We will adjust your payment to the student rate at our end.  This will enable you to then complete your registration online at the student rate, or to pay at the conference with a check or cash.

How do I register if I have a complimentary registration?

Please proceed to register—clicking through as much of the conference registration process on our website as possible, but do NOT pay.  Next, please drop an email to conference@scgis.org to let us know you have done this.  We will adjust your status.

Are there certificates provide for completion of conference workshops?

SCGIS does not typically offer certificates for workshops. We do offer a certificate of participation, upon request, to those individuals who require such documentation for their sponsoring organization. The certificate acknowledges the individual by name, and if there was a paper presented, the title of that paper can be added to the certificate.  For certificates, please send request to conference@scgis.org

Note: From time to time, SCGIS will offer pre-conference workshops with the option to receive a certificate.  This option will be clearly noted when you register for the workshop and will usually entail a higher fee (eg: 2019 pre-conference workshops) This certificate is not issued through SCGIS, rather through the instructor at the time of completion of the workshop.

How can I get assistance to attend the conference if I do not get the support of an employer and if my budget does not allow me to pay full price?  

SCGIS has an “anyone can come, pay what you can” policy.  If you show up at Asilomar to attend sessions, we do not charge you.  However, Asilomar is relatively far from any affordable camping or lodging.  We encourage people who can pay more to make donations in support of those who cannot afford to pay at all.  That said, we do not have a budget to cover everyone in need. We do have the option to waive or reduce registration fees for anyone who asks and makes a compelling case. Ideally, all of our board members, committee members, advisory board members and general members are working to get new members to join, and to encourage the organizations we are part of to ‘SPONSOR’ the SCGIS at various levels. The more sponsors we have, the more we are able to support this need. Sponsors get their names on our agenda, and on a poster at the conference. If you want to come to the conference but can’t afford it, see if you can get sponsors!  Contact us for further questions: conference@scgis.org

International scholarship inquiries

The application process for scholarships is very long and involved, closes every year several months prior to the conference registration announcement. To learn about the scholarship program and requirements, log in to www.scgis.org and find SCGIS Chapters in your country - it is the chapters that recommend scholars to our program, so if you live outside of the US or Canada and are interested in our program, please get to know your local SCGIS Chapter and see if you are eligible for consideration in next year’s scholarship applications.

What is the acceptance rate of abstract submissions?

The success rate has been over 90% the last two years but it all depends upon the number and type of submissions we receive.  We can not guarantee acceptance. If you need to know your acceptance status for a visa or some other reason, please email us at conference@scgis.org to discuss options.

Can I submit an abstract after the deadline?

We encourage you to submit your abstract in time to meet the deadline, as it makes our agenda preparation process much easier. We know there are legitimate reasons for late submissions, and in a few extreme cases we may be able to make an exception. Please contact us at conference@scgis.org if you find yourself in this situation.  We will do our best to work with you.

Does SCGIS provide letters in support of Visa applications for participants traveling from overseas?

Yes, we do. Contact us at conference@scgis.org and we will assign someone to work with you directly.  PLEASe give us as much prior notice as possible, but at the very least two weeks notice is essential. We are an all-volunteer run organization, so we are not able to ensure attention to your request during regular working hours.

Does SCGIS host a ride-share board for conferences?  

No, but we are all-volunteer run, so if a member wants to create a ride-share page on the website, we would welcome the offer. Contact website@scgis.org and cc conference@scgis.org .

What if I want to come to a workshop but not the conference?

The workshops are space-limited, priced to be affordable to members and conference goers, and are supported by membership donations and conference registration fees.  In addition, Asilomar conference grounds charges for day use fee for non-registered guests.

Non-conference participants may attend workshops where space is available, but a registration fee and day-use fees will be added to the cost of the workshop. If you are interested in this option send email to conference@scgis.org explaining your situation and we will make determinations on a case by case basis.

Can I get proceedings from the conference if I was not in attendance?  

YES, but only if you are an SCGIS member.

Where is the SCGIS headquarters located?

SCGIS is 100% volunteer run and does not have an office. We do have a mailing address that is managed by a mail administrator for a small fee.  Your physical mail will be forwarded to the proper volunteer member.