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  • Lata Iyer is a Planner, Architect and GIS Analyst living and working in Auroville (, an intentional community in southern India aspiring to be a living embodiment of human unity. In Auroville, she’s been involved in the Planning and Development of Auroville, and has also worked as one of the coordinators for Auroville’s efforts post-tsunami in 2004. Prior to coming to Auroville in 2003, she was a project manager at ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute), a private company devoted to building GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software and applications for many industries. She has served as the director of the Regional Conservation Analysis Program at Conservation International that works in many countries around the world for the conservation of biodiversity. She practiced Architecture for several years before going to the US for her Masters in Regional Planning in 1992. Currently, she’s involved in efforts to integrate planning in post-disaster rehabilitation, understanding of water and its management in rural and urban settings and prevention of coastal erosion due to man-made structures.