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  • I consider myself an ecologist, conservation biologist, and naturalist -- now retired but my previous career was the Field Station Director of the Blue Oak Ranch Reserve, a unit of the UC Natural Reserve System, situated midway up Mount Hamilton near San Jose, California. I was keenly involved in all of the ins and outs of starting and running successful biological field stations including people management (similar to hoteliers), approving research projects, conducting land stewardship, improving research facilities to be more user friendly and energy efficient, and have initiated a wide range of eco-informatics projects from designing sensors and databases, to wireless networks and web portals.

    For most of my career I collaborated with engineers and other scientists to experimentally design and deploy ecological sensing widgets and apps including wireless sensors and mobile robots that can continuously monitor climate; fresh water & marine ecosystems; Mediterranean, temperate and tropical ecosystems; soils; and track different wildlife species across landscapes, and over seasons. More recently I'm teaming with eco-hydrologists to understand how water and chemicals move through ecosystems in watersheds, using active sensing systems, micro UAV's, surface flow hydrological models, and isotope analysis.

    Much of what I do incorporates Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing and spatial analysis with applications to conservation ecology, species distribution models, environmental risk assessment, hydrology, pollution, fire science, and natural resources planning.

    I'm also an avid bird watcher, field botanist, teacher, and naturalist captivated by just about anything in the natural world. I enjoy photography and like to write. My studies and teachings have taken me to most continents and dozens of countries.