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  • I am a Conservation Biologist and community activist with a graduate degree in Forest Science and GIS. My work has included projects which rely on GIS for analysis, education and conservation. My training is in Conservation Genetics, Biological Reserve Design,  landscape-scale restoration, fundraising, and project management.

    I enjoy helping organizations and individuals to develop, raise funding for, and implement projects that contribute directly to conservation. I measure my success in acres restored or conserved, species spared from extinction and increased in size and territory, and friendships and professional relationships created with other like-minded individuals through these efforts. GIS is the most powerful tool of my trade.  I work with SCGIS to ensure that GIS software and training are provided to all groups doing conservation, to even the playing field between conservation efforts and resource extraction industries.

    My passion, for a strong community of like-minded professionals who are networked across the globe, comprised of conservation activists, led me to co-found and incoporate SCGIS in 1997. Other founders include Leslie Backus, Charles Convis, Roberta Pickert,Tim Bechtold, Michael Hamilton, and Will Allen. I have been involved in the organization every since. 

    I have two fascinating, enjoyable teenagers (Both of whom have been to numerous SCGIS Conferences!); we love to travel and experience together what the world has to offer.  And we love to stay home and tend to our chickens and cats and enjoy the wonderful town of Portland Oregon where we live.