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National Trail Inventory Project/Data Manager - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Division - One year Term Position

American Conservation Experience , Utah

Posted By: Ronald Salz, June 30, 2020

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • With guidance from experienced USFWS Transportation Staff, participate as ACE-EPIC lead for data reconciliation of current trail data working directly with the USFWS Asset Maintenance and Management System (SAMMS).
  • Work with FWS Transportation Staff to facilitate efficient progression of the trail inventory project through regions.
  • This position will conduct all necessary data processing, validation, and compiling for submission of organized and clean trail datasets to FWS Transportation Staff.
  • Schedule and Lead Trail ID calls in collaboration with FWS Regional Transportation Coordinators, HQ Transportation Staff and field stations.
  • Work collaboratively with the National Trails Logistics Coordinator to manage challenging data collection and assimilation operations and ensure that the technical needs of the field teams are met.
  • Coordinate with ACE Leadership Staff, National Trails Logistics Coordinator, Trails Team Leader, Trails Data Collection Team Members and Service Transportation Coordinators to ensure data is accurate and delivered in the desired format by previously determined deadlines.
  • Lead efforts with SAMMS and Service GIS staff to automate entering GIS and tabular data into their SAMMS to capture the financial values and the deficiencies.
  • Work collaboratively with USFWS to develop protocols used to conduct Trails Data Collection on USFWS Units.
  • Organize and conduct data collection and management training for ACE Trails staff.
  • Coordinate with Trails Team Leader to ensure that data is being collected in a consistent manner across teams and individuals. Works closely with Logistics Coordinator to ensure an efficient process is followed for communicating and scheduling inventories with RTCs and field stations.
  • Lead Internal ACE Trails Inventory calls to discuss the status of the project.
  • Operate map during Trail ID calls and digitize/edit/delete trail features with direction from station staff, HQ, and RTCs to arrive at the best approximation of trail geometry for teams to use during site visits.
  • Lead site visits for ACE, provide support and guidance related to data collection including ensuring Web maps, Web Applications, Collector and Survey123 applications are functioning properly.
  • Ensure all data, software and equipment needs are met according to FWS requests and protocols.
  • Ensure all FWS reporting needs are met to satisfy project requirements, including final reports.
  • Work collaboratively with USFWS in data wrap up, project finalization and reporting findings as required.