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Data & GIS Manager

Chelan-Douglas Land Trust , Washington

Posted By: Jessica Kendall, December 22, 2020

Position Summary
The Data & GIS Manager (Manager) is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the stewardship and lands database, and GIS use, development, and management to support organizational priorities at CDLT. The Manager will fulfill requests from staff for accurate cartographic products for internal and public use. Good communication skills are imperative to convey highly technical processes in a way that staff with no formal GIS training can understand.

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Job duties

  • Assess, organize and maintain all spatial and tabular data related to land protection and stewardship including
    • Land use or natural resource mapping tools, including external data sources and map services
    • Trails & recreation infrastructure data, including concurrent updates to several digital trail maps
    • Stewardship data related to weed control, restoration work
  • Maintain stewardship and lands database, onboard data, and assist staff with data entry and reports
  • Provide regular updates to the organization’s standard map products including 
    • Organizational service area maps showing properties, projects, or other geographical specifics which are relevant to CDLT
    • Syncing data between multiple GIS solutions and applications
  • Prepare presentation-quality maps and exhibits to help assess land protection opportunities, seek grants or other funding, and contribute to member and community outreach events
  • Keep abreast of software updates and new technologies that improve organizational efficiency
  • Collaborate with IT, data contractors, and CDLT staff to improve the functionality of all data collection and manipulation, and solve hardware/software performance issues
  • Provide training, mentorship, and support for staff who use, collect, and/or manipulate data and information
  • Develop standards, best practices, and procedures for applying GIS technology to organizational objectives
  • Provide information necessary to support organizational objectives in clear and meaningful ways by analyzing data, querying the stewardship and lands database, and developing reports
  • Perform other related duties as assigned