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Technical Specialist in Landscape Assessment

World Bank , California

Posted By: Stacie Wolny, May 27, 2021

First, a note that this position is NOT specific to the US/California, but the SCGIS site requires that I select location information. Also, I'm posting this for a colleague who will be leading up this team. She has been my manager for years and is excellent to work with and work for and a great person in general.

Please see this document for the full version of the Terms of Reference for this position.

Assist the Team Lead in scoping promising opportunities and developing workplans to
engage with projects in their preparation stage to contribute an analysis of landscape-scale ecosystem services, project impacts and/or dependencies, by advising on the feasibility of proposed analyses, types of data and methodologies that could meet the project’s needs, and level of effort required.

In consultation with the Team Lead and World Bank team, develop the methodologies for and perform analytics and spatial analyses to support landscape-scale planning in project design. This could include, for example, rapid landscape screening analyses, running InVEST or other relevant ecosystem services models, producing spatial outputs, summary statistics, maps, etc. as required.

Work with the selected projects’ teams and local partners from initial identification to
design to implementation support to identify, compile, and process best available spatial
and non-spatial data required for the analyses, to communicate and justify analytical
choices along the way, and to build capacity and buy-in for the work. Perform literature
reviews to supplement data where gaps exist and translate these into model inputs.

Apply science-based, decision support tools such as the InVEST models or other spatial
analyses that link changes in landscape configuration and/or management to impacts on erosion, sedimentation, water quality, quantity, and/or other ecosystem services in line with project needs (e.g., carbon, pollination, flood risk reduction, landslide risk).
Work closely with the Technical Specialist for Ecosystem Services Valuation (see Annex) to identify the types, locations, and resolution of biophysical results best suited for use in economic analyses, to support the development of appropriate valuation methodologies (when required for the case study projects).

Develop technical reports detailing assessment methodologies, results, and implications for project design.

Contribute maps, graphics, and text for reports and other publications, and present findings to stakeholders.

Through direct engagement with the case study projects’ teams and local partners, build know-how among technical specialists, government agencies, and Bank staff for how to apply these approaches and tools in their engagements by clearly communicating data requirements, analytical choices, tradeoffs, and implications for time and resources required.

In the process of the above engagements, build local institutional capacity by identifying and engaging local institution(s) or university with domain expertise, in collaboration with Team Lead and Bank staff.

Work with the Capacity Building Specialist (see Annex) to summarize methodologies and results from case study engagements into accessible language and appropriate media (e.g. webinars, BBLs, and training events) for delivery to a wide variety of audiences.

Advise Team Lead on common technical and capacity gaps and challenges encountered
when working with the Bank staff and client countries and provide recommendations on
how to overcome these gaps and challenges.

• Advanced degree (Masters or PhD) in environmental sciences, environmental
geography, hydrology, or related disciplines.
• Minimum 5 years of experience using GIS and spatial data analysis in support of
conservation, natural resources management and/or landscape restoration planning.
• Strong GIS skills, working with raster, vector and tabular data, in a variety of formats.
• Demonstrated experience performing spatial analyses of watershed management,
ecosystem services, landscape assessments, and/or investment prioritization, including
in developing countries and in data-poor contexts.
• Proficient with identifying, collecting, and processing relevant biophysical and socioeconomic
data, and experience collaborating with multidisciplinary technical experts to
ensure scientific quality.
• Experience with remote sensing data and common environmental data products.
• Ability to work effectively on multiple concurrent projects.
• Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English. Professional competency
in French is also desired.
• Experience working with collaborators from diverse backgrounds and capacity to engage
with interdisciplinary teams.
• Familiarity with the World Bank process of project development.