6 September 2022
2022 Board of Directors Announcement

We want to thank everyone who participated in the 2022 Virtual SCGIS Conference! We were ecstatic to have 278 attendees from more than 25 countries! Many thanks to SCGIS Conference Committee co-chairs Janice Thomson and Vivienne Sclater, as well as Conference Committee members Andy Lyons, Angela Soto, Gabriel Daldegan, JayLee Tuil, Leah Nagel, Maria Zubkova, and Sandra Coveny for their incredible work to make everything a success.

The SCGIS conference annually marks the transition of the SCGIS Board year, and we offer a special thank you to Ellen Brown, who has completed her three-year term as SCGIS Secretary, and Meg Southee, who is rotating to the SCGIS Advisory Council after five years on the Board. Both Ellen and Meg have made monumental contributions to SCGIS and we look forward to their continued engagement.

As we begin our 2022-2023 Board year, we want to recognize our newest board member Gloria Desanker who was voted onto the SCGIS Board by our membership. We'd also like to thank Jason Winner (SCGIS President), Jocelyn Tutak (SCGIS Vice President), and Li Ling Choo (SCGIS Treasurer) who were reconfirmed in their respective positions as SCGIS officers. Thanks also to our continuing SCGIS Board members: David Asbury, Ellen Brown, Gabriel Daldegan, Rebecca Degagne, Zach Ferdaña, Mervyn Lotter, Janet Nackoney, Vivienne Sclater, Stefan Stamenov, Angela Tarimy, and Nathan Walker.

We extend congratulations and a huge thank you to our volunteers who serve on SCGIS Committees! As an all-volunteer organization, SCGIS relies on the dedicated work of our Board and Committees who make all programming possible. If you are interested in a volunteer role with SCGIS, please email president[at]scgis.org.

SCGIS is working hard to deliver many exciting opportunities to connect in the year ahead. Please stay tuned and follow our activities at www.scgis.org. Thank you for your engagement and support!