7 February 2023
Celebrate an Exciting New Look for SCGIS

The Society for Conservation GIS is excited to share our new logo with our members and the world! This symbol of our organization is the result of significant volunteer input and member engagement.

Our new logo captures many themes relevant to the SCGIS community, mission, and goals with a crisp graphic design. The logo’s style is inspired by the organic feel of woodcut art prints, signaling our community’s connection to the Earth, natural environment, and conservation. Vibrant and welcoming teal blue and green colors are used in a nod to our geographic and cartographic roots. Branching linework reminiscent of a tree, river, landscape, or map is symbolic of the broad range of our members’ interests. These lines converge to represent not only SCGIS’s collective impact but also the connectivity and flow of knowledge across our global networks.

Over the last few years, SCGIS has embarked on a campaign to modernize our website and logo to reflect the mission and vision of our organization. You may have noticed issues with the website because of this work, and we appreciate your patience. This process began in 2019 when we solicited ideas on branding and identity from SCGIS members with an online survey and during a conference breakout group. We incorporated member input into a logo concept representing our mission and values. We worked with designer Bill Moss to translate that concept into an iconic logo that can be used across multiple forms of media and broaden our reach in the digital space. The final product was recently approved by the Board after an iterative process of refinement under the core rebranding team’s guidance.

We would like to recognize the following people for their leadership and contributions towards the logo redesign process: Janet Nackoney, Zach Ferdaña, and Jason Winner, with support from Jocelyn Tutak, Ellen Brown, Li Ling Choo, Eva Cordtz, Gloria Desanker, and Rebecca Degagne.

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