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Eric Jensen

Master's Student in Graduate Degree Program in Ecology (GDPE)

Colorado State University - Natural Resources Ecology Laboratory

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What Eric is doing:

  • Modelling habitat for early- and later-seral bird species under different timber harvest techniques in northern Minnesota

Areas of Interest:

  • Web Mapping, Story Maps, Collaborative Conservation, Collaboration Platforms And Tools, Landscape Ecology, Non-equilibrium Ecology, Biological Inventory And Monitoring, Restoration Ecology, Applied Spatial Ecology, Spatial Analysis

About Eric:

I am a student of ecology focusing on spatial and landscape approaches to answering conservation questions. My primary research is concerned with applying remote sensing and best available spatial data to assess resilience and resistance of plant communities in the Great Basin region of the United States. My interests include remote sensing, spatial analysis, field sampling, modeling and programming in Python and R. More generally as a human, I spend my time trail running, cycling, hiking and turning my backyard into a food forest with my partner in Fort Collins, CO.


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