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Karen Beardsley has a PhD in Geography from UC Davis (2009) and a Masters degree in Geography from UC Santa Barbara (1993). Karen was a member of SCGIS before it existed (when it was a Wednesday night potluck during the Palm Springs Esri User Conference).  She has served on the SCGIS Board many times. In the late 1980's, Karen was a Peace Corps math and science high school teacher in rural Kenya and subsequently worked at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in Nairobi estimating elephant populations for all of Africa.  Karen currently serves as Director of Global Professional Programs, Global Affairs, at UC Davis. Karen has over twenty-nine years of experience working with GIS in the management of natural resources, land use and environmental information around the globe. Karen has been teaching GIS short-courses for UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education since 1996, and is a certified Juniper GIS instructor. Most recently, Karen taught Juniper GIS courses in Guwahati, India (two days) and in Thimphu, Bhutan (five days). Since November 2014, Karen has also been Director of the the Humphrey Fellowship Program at UC Davis. In her spare time, Karen loves to travel with her family, play the piccolo and violin, and run rather long distances.