SCGIS Webinars

Connect Your Community using NASA's GLOBE Observer

   May 23, 2019  11:00am PDT

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Presenter: Peder Nelson, NASA

Have you wondered how to connect your local observations to a global perspective?  Peder Nelson will present NASA’s new volunteer science opportunity, “Land Cover: Adopt a Pixel.” The project is a part of GLOBE Observer (GO), a volunteer science program that lets you contribute meaningful data to NASA and the science community. The new Land Cover project enables volunteer scientists to photograph – with smartphones – the landscape, identify the kinds of land cover they see, and then match their observations to satellite data. This talk will introduce the audience to the mobile app, show how you can contribute data, how these data are being used by scientists, and how you can use this tool for your own science and monitoring.

The Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) presents this webinar in partnership with the Society for Conservation GIS. To learn more about CBI, please visit