Latest News: SCGIS 2015 Annual Conference

We live in a time of bird’s eye views. Generations of people now take for granted the fact that we know what our earth looks like from the moon, and from space, and even what our solar system... Read More

Featured project

Economic activity influences nature, sometimes dramatically. But where? And how much? This application shows a demonstration of a new analysis of "over-the-horizon consumption" that tries to find out.

This analysis is based on the human footprint map. The human footprint map shows the combined effect of human land use, population density, access, and electrical power, derived from satellite imagery and other sources (Sanderson et al. 2002.) The metric of combined human influence is called the "human influence index," which varies from 0 (no influence from the factors above) to 64 (all factors influence a location.) Note that the human footprint is based on a entirely...

Our Mission and Vision

The Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS) is a non-profit organization that assists conservationists worldwide in using GIS through communication, networking, scholarships, and training. Membership is open to anyone looking to engage in a GIS community to help them achieve their personal or organizational conservation goals.

The mission of the Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS) is to build community, provide knowledge, and support individuals using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and science for the conservation of natural resources and cultural heritage.