22 May 2023
2023 SCGIS Conference - Keynotes Announced!

Nature: From Loss to Sustainable Use

Our conference theme this year is "Nature: From Loss to Sustainable Use". Today geospatial data is being used in many ways to study illicit actions against nature, educate people locally and globally about the impacts, design solutions to prevent future illegal actions, and to promote sustainability and environmental justice. We invite you to attend our plenary sessions to learn what our two outstanding keynote speakers are doing to combat the illicit use of natural areas and their many values.

Dr. Meredith Gore is a conservation social scientist. She advances understanding about the human dimensions of global environmental change such as biodiversity loss and climate change. The majority of her research uses risk concepts to explore human-environment interactions and all of her efforts are designed to build evidence for action. Dr. Gore brings an interdisciplinary perspective to a range of conservation issues such as wildlife trafficking, illegal fishing and illegal logging.

Dr. Carlos Klink is a native Brazilian and a professor of Ecology at the University of Brasilia - UnB. He holds B.Sc. in Biology (1981) and M.Sc. in Ecology (1986) from the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil, and M.A. (1989) and Ph.D. (1991) in Biology from Harvard University; Dr. Klink was also a visiting scholar at University of Maryland, College Park (2004-2005). He is currently the Chairman of the Dept. of Ecology at UnB. He has 37 years of experience working with land-use, climate change, and climate finance, working with corporations, financial institutions, trade forums, governments, academia and NGOs.

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