The SCGIS Board of Directors is the governing body of the Society for Conservation GIS. They are responsible for steering SCGIS activities and have all final decision making authority. Members of the SCGIS board serve three-year terms and are elected by SCGIS membership. The president, vice president, and secretary are able to serve in their officer positions for up to three years and the treasurer can serve for up to four years. Each officer position is renewed on a yearly basis. The SCGIS board would be happy to hear from you! We can be reached at board(at)

The SCGIS Advisory Council supports the Board of Directors and SCGIS committees in their duties and decision-making. They are encouraged to serve as mentors to new officers. Members of the Advisory Council are former board members and officers, co-founders, or have otherwise made significant contributions to the development of SCGIS and its programs.

Board of Directors

Jason Winner


Jocelyn Tutak

Vice President

Li Ling Choo


Marci Meixler


David Asbury

Board Member

Craig Beech

Board Member

Gabriel Daldegan

Board Member

Rebecca Degagne

Board Member

Zach Ferdana

Board Member

Gloria Desanker

Board Member

Mae Lacey

Board Member

Janet Nackoney

Board Member

Angela Tarimy

Board Member

Nathan Walker

Board Member

Maria Zubkova

Board Member

Advisory Council

Leslie Backus

Karen Beardsley

Ellen Brown

Charles Convis

Sandra Coveny

Healy Hamilton

Mike Hamilton

Prashant Hedao

Lata Iyer

Michelle Kinzel

Kellee Koenig

Mervyn Lotter

Susan Miller

Monica Noon

Lisa Pierce

Robert Rose

Eric Sandoval

John Schaeffer

Miriam Schmidts

Vivienne Sclater

Meg Southee

Stefan Stamenov

Drew Stephens

Lucy Waruingi

Alexander Yumakaev